Freshette Female Urinary Products & Accessories

Product Benefits


Reduces difficulty with providing lab samples

leaves inside the box

Nothing to wear, empty, or replace

Man sitting on Wheel chair

Eliminates the need for wheelchair transfer

Lightweight Feather

Environmentally sound, lightweight and reusable

Protects Against


Unsanitary restrooms


Exposure to wind, rain, snow


Unnecessary contact with insects, thorns, poison oak and ivy


Trouble with balance on uneven terrain

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I have spent SO MUCH of my life in agonizing discomfort “holding it in.”  The Freshette has given me freedom I could only dream of before.  The ability to quickly and discreetly relieve myself has freed and emboldened me so much that I barely even check to see if anyone is around anymore, so long as my back is turned. I think I love it more than anything I’ve ever purchased in my life.  I tried four different FUD’s before finding the Freshette – the simple, foolproof design is the best thing out there.

Suzanne C

My son and I backpack and camp a lot so the device is very handy for me. It sure saves a lot of grief during rainy weather.

Marilyn H

I am a biologist who works with construction crews so I use the Freshette on a daily basis. I’ve probably purchased 20 over the years. Other bio buddies of mine had shown me similar products; I have transformed their opinion and they now use the Freshette. It’s just better!

Chris H

This is the single most important item I carried traveling over 12,000 miles on my bike

Cecile M

I am a Sani-Fem user from 1984 – I never leave for a trip without it, especially back-country camping trips.

Carolyn M

It is a great device. It went to Alaska with me – I wouldn’t have wanted to be without it – all those wet toilet seats in campgrounds – yuk!

Elizabeth F

Freshette is a wonderful product and I cannot imagine six to eight weeks in a body  cast without it.

Lubley R

When I broke my foot last winter, and couldn’t get to the outhouse, your product was a life saver! Thank you!

Sue N

I recently had a hip replacement and your Freshette has liberated me. It’s a terrific invention.

Margot R

This is my third overseas combat deployment as a Military Police Officer and this product
makes my life so much easier – I am able to just open a Humvee door, unbutton my
pants, and go.

Sgt. Tiffany B

I am a former F-18 pilot for the Navy and used your product when I flew over Afghanistan and Iraq and I loved it!

Becky C

I’m so happy to have found the Sports & Travel Freshette. I purchased it because I was headed out on a Grand Canyon river trip and was unfortunately stuck with a male’s style dry suit with a front zipper. The Freshette made my life on the river 1000x better. I even used it when out of the dry suit for hiking and midnight bathroom “trips.” I love how sturdy the funnel is and having an extendable, flexible tube to direct the flow! Great design!

Sarah M

After researching tons of products and reviews I chose the Freshette as my “best bet.” Like anything new, practice a bit, and you’ll find it’s easy, convenient, well constructed and won’t leak. I received prompt, professional customer service from a business that’s been around for decades.

Linda C

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